Casino Terms & Abbreviations


List of terms and abriviasions that casinos use

We put this together to help all players new or vetran we feel its important for you the player to have the least confussion when playing

 Advantage Player

The name is given to players who try to gain an edge over the casinos by using betting patterns and bonuses, some will use 1 bonus or lots of bonuses, this in their mind will give them a better chance of winning.

A.W.P Slot

This term is used to describe a game which looks a lot like a bub fruit machine/ Slot machine,

(Amusement with Prizes) Unfortunately unlike Video slots the jackpots on these  are not random, the game is designed to take in a lot more money than the value of the jackpot before it will pay the jackpot out.

Auto Play

Some players enjoy this feature it gives you the ability to set the slot game to spin a certain amount of times without you having to press the spin button, Along with this you can also set a money loss limit, Just choose your bet size and preset the number of auto spins and of you go.

Bonus Symbols

These are symbols that appear on the reels, they will normally appear on 3 reels on any given spin, they are random and can happen at any time.

sometimes you can get more than 3 which normally indicates a better bonus round

Bonus Round

Most slot games have bonus rounds, majority have multiple bonus rounds which can be triggered randomly on any spin, there normally triggered with three or more bonus symbols, if you get more bonus symbols on a spin then you can expect to have a better bonus round, also the bonus symbols can appear in the bonus round which causes a re-trigger

Re-trigger - when this happens you get either more free spins or extra wilds and other bonuses depending on what game your playing and what bonus you triggered. you can get some massive wins on bonus rounds their are so many different variations with

multipliers, extra lines, extra symbols and lots more.

Bonus Cashable

Cashable bonuses are the better bonuses to have, once you have deposited you will get this credited to your account automatically,

or very soon after deposit.

Bonus Phantom

when you deposit your given a phantom bonus which  you can use, if you win and want to cash out the phantom bonus is then taken of your balance when you put your withdraw request in. A lot of players will use this bonus buy trying to win big early on so they have a chance of playing on to get a better chance of winning enough to be able to make a withdraw.

Bonus Flexible

the great thing about is you have a mixture of phantom and cashable bonus, when you deposit the bonus amount is added to your account as a phantom bonus, As you play through your funds the bonus is gradually converted to real money which in turn lowers the phantom amount making it better when you cash out. and because of it being a phantom your able to cash out before completing all

WR (Wagering Requirements), you must however bear in mind that if you cash out early you will loose any remaining bonus amounts that you will not be able to get back, so if you won big in the early stages of your gambling then your not committed to any large WR

Bonus Band

normally this term is used for someone who fraudluntly uses bonuses i.e someone who makes too much money from bonuses without using their own cash, This is all in the eyes of the operating casinos,

sometimes even casino groups and software providers will place a ban on someone

Bonus safety net

Bonus Post wager

with this bonus you deposit and play once you have meet their WR you will then be able to have the bonus added to your account  and are availible for withdraw, there are some bonuse that will require further WR before you can withdraw,

i would reccomend checking the casinos  T&C (Terms and conditions) before you deposit.

Sticky Bonus

I like the idea of this bonus their never able to be withdrawn but if you win and meet the WR you can draw out cash and the bonus stays on the account, so if you then carry on gambling after you withdraw, you use the bonus chips that are left, if you win then that's able to be withdrawn as cash and you can carry on doing this until the bonus chips have gone.

Bonus Abuser

This term is normally used buy casinos when they need to have a reason not to pay a gambler, or to take someone deposit away.

this is only something that happens with Rouge casinos and less reputable ones,

if a gambler hasn't broken any T&C then they have no rights to take any action on them.

Bet Level

Most of the new games have this function you are able to choose what level you wish to bet with as a coin value

their set from 1-10, this is good for players who want to change how much their betting,

a lot of the newer slots have win lines and you can set coin value per line and choose how many win lines you want to play with

e.g 20 win lines at 0.10p = £2 total bet

Bet 1 / Bet Max

there is also a button for betting 1 or betting the max so if you hit 1 it will only play one win line and if you hit max it will play all win lines

Coin Size / Value

e.g your playing a slot that has 20 lines and you want to set the coin value at 10p this would mean your betting as a total stake £2

20px10=200p some slots have a hundred lines so you could set each line at 1p to have total bet of £1

Best to check paytable before you start playing then you will be able to set the slot to suite you .

Casino Licence

Most licences are issued buy Curacao, Malta (MGA) and  UK (UKGC).

Any  casino that is operating and licenced wihin the European Union will have tax free winning.

to check if the casino has a licence it will be on one of their pages.


This term is used for a virtual currencies that can be traded on line Please see Crypto currencies page. Most casinos are taking crypto currencies as deposits and withdraws, these include Bitcoin, Etherium, Funfair and others.

Even Money Wager

Casinos use this term in their terms and conditions for even bets

eg if you bet on roullette on the red or green it would return a 1-1 stake as would blackjack


All slots have features from free spins to multiplier, these features are a great way to build your balance.

When you trigger a free spin round you will be awarded a set amount of free spins, each free spin will be set at the bet value that you were using when the free spin got triggered. Some of these free spin rounds can be a real game changer as there set to multiply,

eg the first free spin will be at x1 then the 2nd at x2 and so on, also you can re trigger the free spins

so as you can imagine if you got up to x30 or even more and you got a win it would be considerably more than early on in the spins

Flush cash out

When you make a withdraw request your money goes into Pending withdraw, if you ask to flush your withdraw it will move it into processing which means you wouldn't be able to reverse the withdraw to carry on playing, this dosnt necessarily mean you will get your money any faster. Not all casinos offer this service

Free casino bonus

Casinos use this to offer customers a free cash amount to play with without having to deposit, its given to new customers it will normally have wagering requirements and a maximum cash out / withdraw

Free chip

The casinos offer this to existing depositing players as a perk for playing at their casino,

it is also given to new players to try and get players to sign up


some slots have a gamble feature on them basically if you have a win it will ask you if you want to gamble it often its x2 or x4 gamble,

it could be anything from hi or low on numbers to a deck of cards where you would choose red or black for x2 and hearts,

spades, clubs and diamonds for x4. Every time your correct with your gamble guess then your able to keep going


The casinos use this term to describe a player who creates multiple accounts at the same casino just so they can exploit the bonuses, for the player to do this will involve giving false information. You can guarantee that when the casinos find out (which they inevitably do) the player will get banned and ends up loosing their winning and deposits.


This is a term used for a gambling provider eg Casino, poker room, roullette table etc,

House edge (HE)

When players gamble at a casino or poker room etc the house makes a certain amount of money for eg if the house made 10% they would get £10 for every £100 wagered on the slot or game

Life line bonus

some Casinos offer this type of bonus its very similar to other bonuses except for it works in a different way,

if you deposited £200 and the bonus gave you £200 you would have £400 to play with.

How this bonus works unlike others is you play with your £200 first and if you win you can withdraw,

however if you lose your £200 and start playing with the £200 bonus you will have to complete

any wagering requirements before you can withdraw

Low Risk Wager

Casinos refer to this in their terms and conditions when talking about their bonuses,

The casinos deem any bets made on black and red for roulette or any other type of even wagering as low risk wagering,

casinos dont allow low risk wagering, and they should have a list of game types that you can't play at when completing wagering requirements

Maximum cash out

Casinos have a limit that you can win when using their bonuses they call this max cash out, unfortunately there are some rogue casinos out there that will impose this on non bonus deposit, Please check the casinos terms and conditions before you deposit


a lot of slot games have this type of bonus some slots will have a random multiplier that will trigger on a win

eg if you won £4 on a spin and a random multiplier x4 came up you would win £16,

there is also as free spin multiplier now these are awesome they start at x1 on your first spin and go up on each spin after,

so if you got 15 free spins by the 15th spin you will have x15 on your win for that spin, some slots have a re trigger feature and this is where the really big wins can happen, some slots will go up over x50 and you can imagine hitting a £10 win x50,

and it dose happen to players. There have been players who have won thousands of ££££ on these slots.


This is a software that casinos use called Micro Gaming, When the online gaming first started in 1994,

MG was one of the first to release games for the online market, they have a varied range of products

including Poker, Bingo, Live dealer, Multiplayer and many more, there game play and graphics are phenomenal.

There very versatile you can play them on most devices including mobile,

they also have downloadable version for desktops. They do regular updated and are very hot on regulating their licensing.


Casinos use this as another term for giving a new player a no deposit bonus,

all the player needs to do is sign up to the casino offering this, and they will be able to use the casinos funds to play,

these bonuses do hold a wagering requirement and if the player wins then the casino may

ask for the player to make a small deposit so the casino can process the withdraw request.

this is so the casino can make sure the player isn't under age and there is no fraud going on


This a software casinos use for their games, net ent have a great team of people working hard to make sure they stay ahead of the competition, their ability to develop software has insured their position in the leading software providers.

They have been giving great tech and service for over 20 years.

In 2011 they launched their touch version for mobile platforms, which was a real game changer in the world of online casinos,

they later released their first games that went down very well.

They currently have over 200 games which have stunning graphics and great 3D effects and animation.

No risk wager

Some casinos have this in their terms and conditions which isn't really a term that they can use,

because for something to be no risk wager would ultimately mean the hose dost have a edge, a

ny casino you gamble at will have there is no such term we refer to this as a nonsense term


Every game has a information table that allows you to know the pay out lines and symbol values,

it will have a full breakdown of how many win lines there are, also it will have £ amounts for different symbols

and how much you will win depending on how many symbols you have on a win line.

You will see a info icon on the screen touch or click it to open the pay table,

it has other information about features / bonuses and how they work

Progressive Jackpots

These are a jackpot that run with certain slots every player who plays on the slots with the progressive jackpots puts money into the jackpot,

this is normally a % of the wager amount these jackpots can get very big as a lot of people prefer to play

with a chance of hitting life changing money. The biggest risk with playing these types of games come down

to the odds of hitting the jackpot as you can imagine its millions to one against,

but also you have to be in it to win it ultimately the choice is yours


Every slot has a set number of win lines and all slots differ you can choose how many lines you want to play from, Matching symbols have to run along the pay lines in order for it to be a win

Pub slot

If you have ever played on a pub fruit machine you will know how they look and work,

most pub slots have 3 reels with added features on a separate board,

casinos refer to some of their slots as pub slots because of how similar they are


Some players will refer to a slot or game being rigged,

they feel that the game has been programmed to have a non random outcome which will give the house a more favorable result


Random jackpot- This type of jackpot is great its completely random it can happen to anyone

regardless of what symbols are on the reels

Random Feature

Some slots have this feature it can happen at any time and is completely random, it will normally be different to the base game were you will end up on a different level, there a nice surprise and can have a great payout


Random number generator is a great bit of technology it ensures that all slots wins are completely random

Click here for the Random Number Generator info page


This is known as return to player it means that the casinos will pay the player back a % of their wagering in wins long term, eg if you wager £100 and the RTP of the slot your playing is 96% then it will pay back £96, This will only even out over 1000s of spins due to variance

Rogue Casino

This term is used to describe a casino / group that has treated players poorly or unjustly

eg if the player has tried withdrawing funds and the casino have not allowed it for no good reason,

or they drag out the withdraw for far to long and even not responding to the players when there are issues raised from the player.


This software was introduced to the internet in the late 90s being one of the earliest gaming software to hit the online world.

The software has a vast number of games majority being video slots, at the last count it was over 300 games.

They offer mobile gaming and downloadable instant play casino for desk top.


A scatter symbol works differently to others as you dont have to get them on a win line,

normally you need at least 3 scatters anywhere on the slot once you have them it will trigger a bonus round / feature.

This could be anything from free spins to a pick feature depending on the slot your playing.


This describes a person who works or gets paid buy a casino to advertise the casino on forums or social media,

but they pretend to be a player posting things like

" you should play at ------- casino there great i have played there and won lots of money"

this type of conduct isn't OK and shouldn't happen.


its just what the casinos describe their spinning reel Slot games as,

some people refer to them as one armed bandits or fruit machines.


There are a lot of companies in the casino world who produce games for the casinos these are known as software providers

and the games are the software.

Software providers

I have covered some of the soft wares that are available but here is a list of all providers that the casinos use.

Some casinos will use different ones to others depending on geographical location

as some software providers won't accept certain countries.

WMS = williams Gaming, BS = Besot, WGS = WGS Technology, IGT = International Game Technology,

WL = Wager Logic, MG = Micro Gaming, VT = Vegas Technologies, NE = Net Entertainment,

RTG = Real Time Gaming, NW = NuWorks, RI = Rival Gaming, Own = Propriety Software, PT = Play Tech


This is a term used for someone who continually sends out emails or posts on forums without consent from the owners / organizers.

this type of conduct normally ends in the offender getting banned from forums.

Sticky wild

This wild symbol will appear on the slot and then stay there ready for the next spin,

sometimes the wild will stay for one extra spin or for more it will depend on what game your playing

you normally get these wild during multiple spins features.


This abbreviation is for a Sign Up Bonus casinos offer this to new players also known as a Welcome bonus


This is probably the most important one of all Terms and Conditions,

if you dont follow the terms and conditions that the casino set out you run the risk of not being able to withdraw winning.

It has been known for players to have had a massive win thousands of ££££ and the casinos have not allowed them to withdraw their winning because the player broke the Tics by betting to high.

When you take a bonus there are certain Tics that you must adhere to and if you dont the casinos are well within their rights to confiscate all winning. So please make sure you check the Tics before you start gambling at the casinos.


When a player starts to get aggravated with gambling they will sometimes start betting piratically larger bets

and often reckless bets that they wouldn't normally be doing. This term is normally used for people who play poker.


This is a person who wants to cause a lot of aggro on social media and forums,

they get a kick out of insulting others and stirring up conflict for other forum members.

unfortunately this happens from time to time they are dealt with quickly normally resulting in a ban from the forums,

most of the sites tend to have a zero tolerance policy for these people.


This term is used to determine what type of slot your playing you have a high variance slot and a low variance slot

High Variance — when playing you will get fewer wins but when you do get a win it can be a massive win

Low Variance — means when playing you will get more wins but the amounts will be smaller

some people also use the term Volatility which is just another way of saying Variance

Wagering Requirements (WR)

When you use a bonus from the casinos there are Tics attached with them

normally one of the terms is WR, some bonuses are

D = Deposit

D+B = Deposit and bonus

so if you deposited £10 and you got a £10 bonus that had a

WR of Dx20   then you would have to wager a total of £200 before you can withdraw any winnings

if the bonus is D+BX20 Then you would have to wager £400 before you can withdraw any winnings.

Welcome Bonus

These bonuses are given to new players when they join a casino they can range from no deposit bonus to 400% deposit match,

casinos offer these so players have a chance at winning more money.

obviously as i said before you would need to check the T&Cs of the casino to make sure you get the best out of the bonus

Whiled symbols

There are different types of wilds they will appear on a reel and substitute other symbols to create a win line,

they don't normally substitute feature symbols eg if you had 2 feature symbols and then a wild

the feature wouldn't trigger because you dint have 3 feature symbols.

Random wild = can appear at any time on any real

Sticky wild = once they land on a reel they stay on the real until free spins are finished

Wild Multipliers = some slots have a wild that turns into a random multiplier normally between x2- x5.

If you got one of these on a win line it would make that win line multiplies,

it dosn't make the total win multiplie only the win line

Winning Combinations

When your playing slots and you have multiple win lines then you can have different wins

eg you could have 4 queens on 1 line and 3 jacks on another and 3picture symbols on another,

the game would payout on all 3 win lines and any other win lines you had on that spin.

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